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Boat Trips to the Grottos/Caves of Ponta da Piedade

Tours: Your Dream Tours Start Here!

Enjoy some quality time. Come along with us and discover the beautiful caves, rock formations and beaches of the famous Ponta da Piedade in Lagos.

DURATION:  From 1h:00m To 1h:15m

ADULTS (Age 12+):  €20.00
CHILDREN (Age 5-11):  €10.00
CHILDREN (Age 0-4):  €5.00

A wonderful experience, cruising along the beautiful coastline of Ponta da Piedade in Lagos.

Visit the emblematic rock formations, fantastic beaches, little coves and sea caves recognized for their unique features.

During the tour we will also have the opportunity to stop for a refreshing swim.

DURATION:  1h:30m

ADULTS (Age 12+):  €30.00
CHILDREN (Age 5-11):  €15.00
CHILDREN (Age 0-4):  €7.50

An experience designed for those who love the Sunset and its mystical colors.

Cruise along the coastline of Ponta da Piedade in Lagos, enjoy the beautiful rock formations, the small beaches and visit the caves, including the famous “Cathedral”, “The Kitchen” and “The Living Room”.

DURATION:  1h:00m

ADULTS (Age 12+):  €25.00
CHILDREN (Age 5-11):  €12.50
CHILDREN (Age 0-4):  €6.00

About Us: Quality and Trust is our Motto!

Quality: The Crew

We are a crew of dedicated people with a passion for the ocean. We are committed to make other people happy and enjoy what our beautiful coast of Ponta da Piedade in Lagos has to offer.

We provide quality tours with our local skippers and they will show you every little secret of this fantastic coast. They also speak several languages, so you can be assured there will be live comments in your  mother tongue.

Also, very important quality wise, we give people enough time to make photos and depending of which tour you have booked, during the tour we will also have the opportunity to stop for a refreshing swim.

So, come along with us. Have some quality time!

Captain Rui Reis
Lagos Boat Tours - Excelsior Boat
OBE 540

Trust: The Boats

All our boats comply with safety standards and have all the safety equipment required by Portuguese legislation.

We are inspected annually and our tours includes full personal insurance. Safety always comes first.

Our boats are built and certified from the largest and best boat builder in Portugal (OBE) and they are the most stable and reliable for this type of boat tours.

The OBE 540 is a small boat with 5.36m length, has a capacity of 9 people and is the most suitable to enter the caves. Only this way is possible to discover the interior of the most beautiful caves of the Algarve coast (Ponta da Piedade in Lagos), cruising through narrow passages and interiors of fantastic caves.

The boats also have cushioned seats, Wi-Fi internet and drinks.

We use Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki 4 stroke outboard motors. They are very quiet, reliable and have very low emissions.

So, join us! Enjoy your tours with trust and safety!

Contacts and Location: Come and Visit Us!

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